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The ALLEN and CONGER Families and the Conley Branch
From Leon Alekna December 2002


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From Leon Alekna December 2002
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From Leon Alekna 11-22-02

It's been a busy and momentus time in our Kate's life this last week

Firstly, Kate graduated from her Bachelor of Music Performance - French Horn
at Sydney University Conservatorium of Music on Friday. Four and a half
years of hard work all represented by a new title and several pieces of
impressive paperwork and a chance to wear the most fashionable university
academic dress.

Second, and most excitingly. Glenda and I are delighted to advise that Kate
has found her man - Craig Anderson and last Thursday evening, Craig asked
Kate to be his wife and significantly, was accepted. A picture of the happy
couple is attached

We'll let you know more soon

Leon & Glenda Alekna