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The ALLEN and CONGER Families and the Conley Branch
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A Brief Allen Family History
Allen Family Photos
Allen Family Reunion 2003
2003 Reunion Photos
Douglass Allen's Descendants
Phoebe Conger's Family
Update from Joe Conger November 2002
The Conleys
Leon Alekna's Research - Two Lawrence Conleys
From Leon Alekna December 2002
The Conley Family Picture Page
Richard and Nancy Sole Conley's Family
Nancy Conley's Family
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I've probably just scratched the surface with my research on the family tree. If you have more information about a branch of the family tree or photos and family stories you'd like to share, please contact me! I will return any pictures or documents you mail to me. I will send my snail-mail address to anyone who needs it if you will......

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